Sentence Examples

  • Besides places here in the United States, I ended up in great locations with them such as England (with Uri Geller), Japan and the Australian Outback.
  • Wanneroo: Another boot that is similar to the Stinger and Outback styles and function, the Wanneroo comes only in chocolate crackled sheepskin.
  • Some may not know this, but Tim and Elisabeth did not meet after she competed on Survivor: Australian Outback or even after she appeared on The View.
  • LTK: The upcoming film The Outback looks like a lot of fun - what can you tell us about the movie and your contribution to it?
  • Since walking away with her cool million in the Australian Outback, Wesson has retreated to her "normal" life and now spends her days working as a spokesperson for the National Arthritis Foundation.