Sentence Examples

  • Ilgaris) of dune heaths, dune bushland or scrub, and dune rest.
  • Thard-scrub, (b) thorn-bushland and thorn-forest; (ii.) true vannah: tropical and sub-tropical savannah; (iii.) savannah-forest, 0
  • He waged war successfully with Adelhold, the powerful bishop of Utrecht, and made himself master not only of his ancestral possessions, but of the district on the Meuse known as the Bushland of Merweda (forestum Merweda), hitherto subject to the see of Utrecht.
  • The result was that Dirk was not merely confirmed in his possession of Dordrecht and the Merweda Bushland (the later Holland) but also of the territory of a vassal of the Utrecht see, Dirk Bavo by name, which he conquered.

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