Sentence Examples

  • Here it becomes encysted, and is nourished by the exudations of the fish.
  • New blood of the best quality nourished and stimulated the whole body politic. Expansion and progress were the watchwords at home, and abroad it seemed as if Denmark were about to regain her former position as a great power.
  • Among the smaller poets of this period may be mentioned Karpifiski (1741-1828), a writer of sentimental elegies in the style then so very much in fashion, and Franciszek Dyonizy Kniaanin (1750-1807), who nourished his muse on classical themes and wrote several plays.
  • The writer of Mark's gospel was "an Italian, at home both in Rome and Alexandiria"; that of Matthew's gospel "a Roman, nourished by the spirit of Seneca"; The Pauline epistles were written in the West in antagonism to the Paul of the Acts, and so on.
  • But he maintained the legislation of the Valois, who placed industry in a state of strict dependency on finance, and he instituted a servitude of labor harder even than that of individuals; his great factories of soap, glass, lace, carpets and cloth had the same artificial life as that of contemporary Russian industry, created and nourished by the state.