Sentence Examples

  • "Come with me, morsels," he said.
  • The majority of spiders, however, are soft-skinned and succulent, and are tasty morsels for insectivorous reptiles, birds and mammals.
  • Signature dishes include Lamb Roganjosh, morsels of lamb in a creamy onion sauce; Khuroos-E-Tursh, chicken breast stuffed with seasoned vegetables and cheese in a cashew-almond cream sauce and Aloo Ghobi, a cauliflower and potato curry.
  • Dean grabbed the near-empty plate, salvaging the few remaining morsels while Pumpkin was searching for more empty pockets to fill as he rose to leave.
  • As a work of art it can take but a low rank, but as a repertory of fragments and morsels of information it is invaluable.