Sentence Examples

  • Acetonyl acetone, CH 3 CO CH 2 CH 2 CO -CH a liquid boiling at 194° C., may be obtained by condensing sodium aceto-acetate with mono-chloracetone (C. Paal, Ber., 1885, 18, p. 59), CH3000H2C1+Na CH [[Coch3(Coor) ->Ch3co Ch2 Ch 000h,(Coor) -Ch3co]] CH2 CH2 000H3; or by the hydrolysis of diaceto-succinic ester, prepared by the action of iodine on sodium aceto-acetate (L.
  • Numerous mono-, diand trisulphonic acids of a-naphthol are employed in the preparation of azo dyes.
  • When two organs can be traced along the same line of descent to one primitive form, that is when they are found to be mono phyletic, their homology is complete; when, however, they are traceable to two primitive forms, though these forms belong to the same morphological series, they are polyphyletic and therefore only incompletely homologous.
  • In the Langen mono-rail the cars are hung from a single overhead rail; a line on this system works between Barmen and Elberfeld, about 9 m., the cars for a portion of the distance being suspended over the river Wupper.
  • The gauge may be regarded as reduced to its narrowest possible dimensions in mono-rail lines, where the weight of the trains is carried on a single rail.