Sentence Examples

  • The meaner the suppliant was the more affably he would speak to him and the more speedily he would despatch his case.
  • South-eastern Greece and the Peloponnesus show (in their sequence of pottery fabrics): (i.) An Early Bronze Age culture (black-varnish ware, Urfirnis) similar to that of the Cyclades and Crete but of meaner development, which was dominated in turn by (ii.) its more progressive neighbours of the Cyclades (dull-paint ware, Mattmalerei) and perhaps of Asia (Minyan ware), and ultimately (iii.) of Crete (Mycenaean).
  • Of the Welsh Disestablishment measure he said that a meaner bill, or one brought forward by meaner methods, had never been placed before the House; in view of the growth of materialism, he protested against depriving a spiritual organization of its funds.
  • It was his taste to preserve the skulls of the enemies he had killed - those of the meaner men to be used as flower-pots, while those of the princes were kept in special chests.
  • The group homes were harder because there were a lot of kids living there and the kids were meaner than the adults.

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