Sentence Examples

  • When workmen from any province come, for instance, to St Petersburg to engage in the textile industries, or to work as carpenters, masons, &c., they immediately unite in groups of ten to fifty persons, settle in a house together, keep a common table and pay each his part of the expense to the elected elder of the artel.
  • Masons' Hall, whose corner-stone was laid in 1785, is said to be the oldest exclusively Masonic building in the United States.
  • The other masons warned their families, and 1VIanole was forced to sacrifice his own wife.
  • So arrogant, however, did the masons become, that the prince bade remove the scaffolding, and all, save Manole, perished of hunger.
  • This temporary emigration is strongest in the spring, and consists principally of adult males (agriculturists, farm and day labourers, bricklayers and masons) in search of work.