Mash-up Definition

A blend or mixture of incongruous elements, often, specif., one regarded as startling, inept, or inelegant.
Webster's New World
A recorded composition made up of digitally blended sections of other recordings.
Webster's New World
A Web-based application designed to integrate data from two or more sources to produce new content or functionality.
Webster's New World
The definition of a mashup is a combination of two or more pre-recorded songs into a new recording, such as a vocal track and an instrumental.
An example of a mashup is the combination of the Beatles and Jay Z on the songs of The Grey Album by Danger Mouse.

(computing, slang) A derivative work consisting of two pieces of (generally digital) media joined together, such as a video clip with a different soundtrack applied for humorous effect, or a map overlaid with user-supplied data.


Origin of Mash-up

  • From mash up, in turn from mash and up.

    From Wiktionary

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