Sentence Examples

  • When the mood is eerie, the soundtrack is great, as less attention is given to the music and it becomes more of a background hum, but embark upon a quest and the extravaganza of melody and harmony just unleashes an attack on your ear drums.
  • Likewise, a popular soundtrack or placement in a popular film can breathe new life into a song that has stopped selling, bring renewed interest to a band that has fallen from the spotlight or make overnight stars of underground musicians.
  • Soundtracks did not really catch on until the 1950s, but since then, it has become standard for almost every movie to release a soundtrack - often a soundtrack of the popular music in the film and a separate score recording soundtrack.
  • Jennifer Hudson has contributed to a number of albums, including American Idol Season 3: Greatest Soul Classics, the Meat Loaf Album, Bat Out of Hell III, a tribute album for the musical Hair, and the soundtrack for Dreamgirls.
  • Twilight Soundtrack: If you have bought the New Moon soundtrack, it is likely that you will want the Twilight soundtrack as well, because Twilight is the first installment of the Twilight Saga-with New Moon being the second.