Sentence Examples

  • Players use the mouse (or a combination of mouse and keyboard commands) to interact with the world, solve puzzles, collect items, etc. LucasArts also entered the field with the Monkey Island games and Maniac Mansion several years later.
  • If your hair is severely dry from environmental wear and tear or processing, the Tigi Moisture Maniac Shampoo can restore your hair's natural moisture balance while granting strands a smooth, healthy-looking appearance.
  • Chess Maniac is a community setting where players can decide between playing with another player, playing on a chess team or participating in a chess tournament.
  • Incidentally, the original song title was Maniac but they changed it, presumably due to Chris's altercation with Rihanna.
  • Design Reviver's Top 20 List: Another list of great horror movie posters, Design Reviver brings up some great horror posters the posters for Dead Snow, The Evil Dead and Maniac and gives them the acclaim that they deserve.