Sentence Examples

  • The constitution prohibits lotteries and the sale of lottery tickets.
  • The United States government, however, forbade lotteries the use of the mails, and the company withdrew its offers.
  • The constitution of 1898 prohibits lotteries and the sale of lottery tickets within the state.
  • Lotteries which were an important source of revenue under Spain were abolished under the Republic. The debt resting on the colony in 1895 (a large part of it as a result of the war of 1868-1878, the entire cost of which was laid upon the island, but a part as the result of Spain's war adventures in Mexico and San Domingo, home loans, &c.) was officially stated at $168,500,000.
  • He was an ardent social reformer; he secured the abolition of corporal punishment in the schools, the suppression of lotteries, of houses of ill-fame and of obscene literature; he instituted reforms in the hospitals, and insisted on the honours of public burial for the poor.