Sentence Examples

  • As if there weren't enough options online when it comes to Easy Spirit shoes, now you can design your own wish list and address book, be automatically entered in periodic sweepstakes and be alerted to new promotions and sales.
  • If the email that appears to be a scam is from someone claiming to have sweepstakes winnings for you, or an inheritance or some other financial windfall you weren't expecting, use extreme caution.
  • Radio stations, bars, clubs, and restaurants are all establishing their own contests and sweepstakes to choose more passengers to invite, and some are also giving away free passage on the cruise.
  • Special promotions are held on a regular basis to help you earn extra Swagbucks or to give you a chance to enter sweepstakes for vacations, home theater systems, and other prizes.
  • You can also enter for sweepstakes, giveaways, arrange for quick checkouts, get free shipping with a $50 minimum purchase, free gifts and all sorts of benefits!