Sentence Examples

  • There were also still some leftover elements from the cavalry days, especially in the fit and cut of the trousers, which were high-waisted (by contemporary standards) with baggy upper legs and tight-laced lower-legs.
  • If your child has a back pack from last year that he can use for the first few weeks of school, many retailers discount leftover merchandise by 25%, 50% and even 75% or more after the season for those items has passed.
  • Coffee Maker: A weak vinegar solution can remove stains from a coffee pot and help eliminate poor tasting coffee from leftover residue, but be sure to rinse the pot thoroughly afterwards to avoid a vinegar taste.
  • A really great tip I found for making consistently colored and correctly dyed candles is to melt a pound of wax as you normally would to make candles, then fill 10 sections of an ice cube tray evenly with wax (you'll have leftover wax).
  • When you consider how often you and your family members can benefit from using this type of appliance - whether you are preparing home-cooked meals or you're simply reheating leftover pizza - the value becomes quite obvious.