Sentence Examples

  • When she walked back through the dairy, Brutus was lapping water.
  • Rhyn gasped and struggled to sit.  Kiki's still body lay a few feet from him, the ocean lapping at his brother's feet.  The Caribbean night was humid and warm, and the moon large over head.
  • Her eyes returned to Jonny, who was lapping up what was left of the dead woman's blood.
  • Aside from the infrequent sound of a passing car on the avenue, only the murmur of unseen waves lapping at the sand broke the stillness.
  • On the 14th ands 5th, attacking sharply on the Russian front and lapping round both its flanks, Oku won an important and handsome victory, at a cost of 1200 men out of 35,000 engaged, while the Russians, with a loss of at least 3600 out of about 25,000 engaged, retired in disorder.