Sentence Examples

  • T Cloth is a plain grey calico, similar in kind to the Mexican and exported to the same markets.
  • Wide (the extremes being used on the one hand for children's cots or ship bunks and on the other for old-fashioned four-posters), which may be either plain or twilled, bleached, unbleached or half-bleached; (2) a grey calico, heavier than a shirting, sent largely to China and other markets, usually 36 in.
  • It is the seat of cotton, calico, silk, machinery and other industries, and excellent wine is grown there.
  • In connection with the cotton industry there are a few mills where calico is made or oil crushed, and ginning-mills are numerous.
  • Fred O'Connor, at 74, had long since finished his working career, a calico collection of jobs which changed with the telling, none of which gave him a pension.