Caliche Definition

A hardened conglomeration of gravel, rock, and soil that contains sodium nitrate, potassium nitrate, etc., found mainly in arid regions of Chile and Argentina.
Webster's New World
The accretions of calcium carbonate in soil.
American Heritage
A type of hardpan found in arid regions, as in the SW U.S., containing calcareous deposits, esp. of calcium carbonate.
Webster's New World

A layer of hard clay subsoil or sedimentary rock; hardpan.


Origin of Caliche

  • American Spanish from Spanish pebble in a brick, flake of lime from cal lime from Latin calx calc- lime calx

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From Spanish, from Latin calx (“pebble”); compare chalk.

    From Wiktionary

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