Sentence Examples

  • Loud, coarse laughter and joyous shouts ensued.
  • The result was celebrated by joyous festivities in all the East.
  • It was the joyous weekend my future wife and I made public our marriage plans, with no one listening.
  • The too sudden adoption of European clothing, rendering the body supersensitive to changes of temperature; lastly, the action of over-zealous missionaries in suppressing the dances, merrymaking and free joyous life of pagan times, and the preaching of a sombre type of Christianity, with deadening effects on the buoyant temperament of these children of Nature.
  • To us in ancient story wonders great are told Of heroes rich in glory and of adventures bold, Of feast and joyous living, of wailing and of woe, Of gallant warriors striving may ye now many marvels know.'