Sentence Examples

  • Further, he shows an "astonishing familiarity with the Jewish rites," in the opinion of a modern Jew (Kohler in the Jewish Encycl.); so much so, that the latter agrees with another Jewish scholar in saying that "the writer seems to have been a converted Jew, whose fanatic zeal rendered him a bitter opponent of Judaism within the Christian Church."
  • Even in remote Nejran, Halevy, himself a Jew, found a considerable colony of his co-religionists.
  • So, too, the greatest Jew of the middle ages, Maimonides, was a Spaniard.
  • Bar-Nebo, lacks intrinsic fitness for a Jew and a Levite, and of course does not accord with the statement in Acts itself.
  • " The man," Aristotle says, " was by race a Jew out of Coele-Syria.