Sentence Examples

  • There he took another wife, as the Jewess allotted him by Vespasian after the fall of Caesarea had forsaken him, and returned to attend Titus and to act as intermediary between him and the Jews who still held Jerusalem.
  • "ROSA LUXEMBURG (1870-1919), German Socialist and revolutionary agitator, was born a Jewess on Dec. 25 1870 in Russian Poland.
  • N'71r;, Jewess), to whom the last nine of its sixteen chapters relate.
  • But in order to avoid the economic dangers threatened by such an exodus, every Jew and Jewess between the ages of 4 and 24 was seized and forcibly baptized (19th March): " Christians " were not required to emigrate.
  • About this time, too (1851), his acquaintance was sought by an old Mrs Brydges Willyamsborn a Spanish Jewess and then the widow of a long-deceased Cornish squire - who in her distant home at Torquay had conceived a restless admiration for Benjamin Disraeli.