Sentence Examples

  • However, if your city or town boasts a large number of vintage stores, poke around to see if you have any luck finding authentic 80s neon jellies to add to your collection.
  • While some varieties such as Concord are multipurpose and make fine table grapes as well as grapes for jams and jellies, other grape varieties are especially suited for juicing, wine making, table grapes, or drying into raisins.
  • One group of furniture historians thinks that the concept of a "jelly cupboard" was used in various regional vernaculars throughout the United States, referring to a cabinet that held preserved foods, not just jellies and jams.
  • While neon isn't nearly as popular today as it was in the 1980s, when its vibrancy decorated everything from shirts to shoes, you may still find some high-color neon jellies if you know where to shop.
  • S. argentea, the Buffalo Berry, is a taller shrub of nearly 20 feet, with thorny stems, silvery leaves, and juicy red or yellow berries, prized for jellies and preserves by the Western colonists.