Sentence Examples

  • But even after that date irregularities occur from time to time, especially in the East.
  • § 296) as a consequence of the irregularities of the reflecting surface.
  • They are frequently associated with irregularities in the activity of the original cambium.
  • The high and heavy cars, the high speeds, the severe weather in the northern states in winter, the fluctuating nature of the business, resulting often in the employment of poorly qualified men and in other irregularities, are among the causes of this state of things.
  • On the other hand, the opinion of Cardinal Pitra, who referred the Physiologus to the more orthodox though somewhat peculiar teaching of the Alexandrians, is fully borne out by a close examination of the irregularities of doctrine pointed out in the Physiologus by Cahier, all which are to be met with in Origen.