Sentence Examples

  • However, these "tastes" do not always intermingle.
  • That depth is jasmine, a rich, delicious, long-lasting floral that takes over completely, but not before the sea spray and mandarin intermingle a bit, adding a light, airy touch to the scent.
  • Stories of heroic ancestors and of tribal eponyms intermingle; personal, tribal and national traits are interwoven.
  • In the first place, we have the possibility of a mixture of native blood having occurred; in the second, there have almost always been a succession of immigrants from the parent country, who continually intermingle with thefamilies of the early settlers.
  • In the zoology and botany of California as of the rest of the Pacific Coast, the distinctions between the upper austral and humid transition zones are largely obliterated; and as one passes southward into the arid lands, life forms of both these zones intermingle with those of the arid transition.