Sentence Examples

  • Finns to advance farther W., and a body of intermingled Tavasts and Karelians penetrated to the S.
  • They had Lithuanians to the W.; various Finnish tribes, intermingled towards the S.E.
  • Of this boundary they are intermingled with Turko-Finns, but in the Ural mountains they reappear in a second compact body, and thence extend through S.
  • Of Livonia; the Livs, on the Gulf of Riga; and the Kurs, intermingled with the Letts; (b) the N.
  • Between these two mountain chains the head streams of the Parana and Sao Francisco are intermingled - the one flowing inland and southward to the-great La Plata estuary, the other northward and eastward across the arid highlands of Brazil to the Atlantic coast in io ° 30' S.