Sentence Examples

  • Cooking courses are an affordable way to introduce kids to cooking in a instructor-based structured environment, while providing the unique opportunity to socialize with other passionate cooks!
  • Finding a homeschool support group is important because it can help you learn about trends in your school district, find out what curriculums are the best and give you a way to socialize with people who have a similar interest.
  • Since she's already had time to travel, socialize with friends, build a successful career, and fulfill other important personal goals, Mariska should be in a great position to tackle the challenges of raising a child.
  • Even if you're not that involved with extracurricular activities at school, when a job takes away from your ability to study, socialize, spend some time with family, and get enough rest, there is a problem.
  • If you need to socialize more than you want a new skirt, maybe sharing conversation during a nice walk in the park on a Saturday morning is a better alternative than going to the mall.