Sentence Examples

  • He was chosen as consort by the latter's sister and successor,.
  • And of his consort Maria Luisa of Spain, was born in Florence in 1783, and from 1818-48 was viceroy of the kingdom of Lombardo-Venetia; his mother was the Princess Elizabeth, sister of Charles Albert, King of Sardinia.
  • By his beloved consort Ulrica Leonora of Denmark, from the shock of whose death in July 1693 he never recovered, he had seven children, of whom only three survived him, a son Charles, and two daughters, Hedwig Sophia, duchess of Holstein, and Ulrica Leonora, who ultimately succeeded her brother on the Swedish throne.
  • Ordinarily the consort of Nergal is Laz.
  • Queen Elizabeth Park Located on Little Mountain, this historic park was built in 1939 and dedicated to King George VI and his consort, Queen Elizabeth, during their trip to Vancouver.