Sentence Examples

  • Although much electronica music is associated with dance clubs and raves, especially clubs in places like Ibiza and Aya Napa, some electronica artists are devoted less to dance than to experimentation.
  • But Aya is immune to the 'awakening' and is the only one who can stop the transmogrification.
  • You play Aya Brea, a NYPD cop whose mitachondria cells are slow to 'awaken'.
  • It has also been identified with a mound now called et-Tell (" the heap"), but though the name of a neighbouring village, Turmus Aya, is suggestive, it is in the wrong direction from Bethel.
  • Iron ores are found in Piura, the Huaylas valley, Aya, and some other places, but the deposits have not been worked through lack of fuel.