Sentence Examples

  • It's jealous and insipid comments like these, some would argue, that contribute to the unhealthy attitude towards food and body image so prevalent in our culture today.
  • And trust me on this; I've always paused before any Rosè due to my inherent association with it to that perfidious and insipid White Zinfandel that rued the day for the wine-drinking public in the 1980's.
  • Dean mum­bled an insipid apology.
  • William Law's books produced a great impression on Wesley, and on his advice the young tutor began to read mystic authors, but he saw that their tendency was to make good works appear mean and insipid, and he soon laid them aside.
  • Their primitive beauty is not marred by any attempt to force them into an historical mould, or disguised beneath an accumulation of the insipid inventions of later times.