Sentence Examples

  • He inserts " one " in clause r and 2.
  • He inserts in the primary circuit of the alternating FIG.
  • He derived much of his information from the letters of important personages, which he sometimes inserts, but much more from conversation with the eye-witnesses of events.
  • In other cases he tampers with the documents which he inserts (as, for instance, with the text of Magna Carta).
  • The operator, whose attention is thus attracted, inserts a peg in the jack, then throws over the speaking key of the cord circuit, and having ascertained particulars of the requirement places the other peg of the pair in the nearest multiple jack of the wanted subscriber, whom she proceeds to ring up. In the meantime the callinglamp has darkened; and each subscriber's line being equipped with a cut-off relay whose function it is to disconnect tl, e calling apparatus while the circuit is in use, the insertion o r a peg is immediately followed by the disappearance of the calling signal.