Sentence Examples

  • She loved human emotion, but she hated the doubt and insecurity she felt.
  • The people are industrious, and devote themselves to agriculture, but from the geological structure of the country, and from the insecurity of property, regular husbandry is limited to comparatively few spots.
  • Its essential defect was what might be called insecurity of tenure.
  • Though the authority of the courts had been strengthened by the Petition of Right and the act of 1640, it was still rendered insufficient by reason of the insecurity of judicial tenure, the fact that only the chancellor (a political as well as a legal officer) and the court of king's bench had undoubted right to issue the writ, and the inability or hesitation of the competent judges to issue the writ except during the legal term, which did not cover more than half the year.
  • Although the degree of insecurity prevailing in the provinces was greatly exaggeratedserious crime in 1907 being less than in the preceding yearan increasing number of crimes were left untraced to their authors.