Sentence Examples

  • Fragments of wood not infrequently occur, with the tissues well-preserved by impregnation with the resin; while leaves, flowers and fruits are occasionally found in marvellous perfection.
  • Cell-walls may become modified by the impregnation of various substances.
  • Cross fertilization, or the impregnation of any given flower by pollen from another flower of the same species on the same or on another plant, has been proved to be of great - g advantage to the plant by securing a more FIG.
  • Improved varieties, obtained by cross-impregnation either naturally or artificially brought about, were carefully propagated and generally adopted, and increased attention was bestowed on the cultivation of the natural grasses.
  • As the ova are in many species deposited in a gelatinous tube secreted by the bodywalls, in which they are arranged (three or more together) in flaskshaped cavities, impregnation must probably take place either before or at the very moment of their being deposited.