Sentence Examples

  • A'Ran hadn't yet addressed Ne'Rin's own failing, that of impregnating his sister without making her a nishani first.
  • As much as he wanted to welcome the information of his healing planet, he also wanted to strangle the men impregnating his family members.
  • Between May and September the sirocco, or hot wind of the desert, sweeps at intervals over the country, impregnating the air with fine sand; but in general, with the exception of the vicinity of the marshes, the climate is healthy.
  • Kyan's process, patented in 1832, consists in impregnating the timber with corrosive sublimate which, acting on the albumen in the wood, converts it into an indecomposable substance.
  • The carburetting of low-power gas by impregnating it with the vapours of volatile hydrocarbons.