Sentence Examples

  • Clouds drifted away from a full moon, drenching the patio with soft lunar light.
  • Standard fruit trees must be left to take their chance; and, indeed from the lateness of their flowering, they are generally more injured by blight, and by drenching rains, which wash away the pollen of the flowers, than by the direct effects of cold.
  • There remained a short but muddy and drenching hike, only partially covered by the inadequate umbrella.
  • And then the rain came, drenching the cabin as if a giant were emptying a huge bucket.
  • Whilst for ten years Alarics Goths and Stilichos Vandals were drenching Italy with blood, the Vandals and the Alani from the steppes of the Black Sea, dragging in their wake the The reluctant German tribes who had been allies of Rome ~ and who had already settled down to the cultivation of theirlands, invaded the now abandoned Gaul, and having come as far as the Pyrenees, crossed over them.