Sentence Examples

  • This included voices for R2-D2 and Chewbacca, the hum and hiss of lightsabers, the squeaks and groans of machinery, and the whistling screech of ships zooming through space.
  • These are all classified as lisping and include excessive pressure by the tongue against the teeth, the tongue held too far back along the midline of the palate, and a "substitute hiss" produced in the throat or larynx.
  • The point is that overly dramatic scenes where you hiss "I'm walking home" as you slam the car door typically don't play well with Virgo.
  • For a tighter fit, you could use vet wrap (available at farm supply stores) but make sure you leave a space to breathe and hiss obscure-but-menacing threats at your enemies.
  • In order to avoid the added stress, a cat may growl or hiss to show that he is a formidable opponent and perhaps cause the aggressor to seek a fight elsewhere.