Sentence Examples

  • Huckleberry, blackberry and raspberry bushes are common in the north sections.
  • The strawberry, raspberry, currant, plum, cherry and grape are indigenous.
  • The blackberry, black raspberry, huckleberry, blueberry, wild ginger and ginseng are widely distributed.
  • Among native fruits are the blackberry, raspberry, elderberry, cranberry, wild plum and pawpaw (Asimina triloba).
  • Some fruits are famous and vie in excellence with any that European orchards produce; such are the peaches of Tabri2 and Meshed, the sugar melons of Kashan and Isfahan, the apRIes of Demavend, pears of Natanz, figs of KermgnshAh, &c. Ihe strawberry was brought to Persia about 1859, and is much cultivated in the gardens of Teherfln and neighborhood; the raspberry was introduced at about the same time, but is not much apprecIated.