Sentence Examples

  • "Well, my Highness would like some oats," declared the horse.
  • The chief of Dhrangadra, who bears the title of Raj Sahib, with the predicate of His Highness, is head of the ancient clan of Jhala Rajputs, who are said to have entered Kathiawar from Sind in the 8th century.
  • "Your Royal Highness and Fellow Citizens," he began; "the small cat you see a prisoner before you is accused of the crime of first murdering and then eating our esteemed Ruler's fat piglet--or else first eating and then murdering it.
  • By the treaty of Mengo, signed in March 1900, the young king of Buganda, Daudi Chwa, a son of Mwanga, born in 1896, was accorded the title of his Highness the Kabaka.
  • The king was accorded the title of " His Highness the Kabaka of Buganda," and his special salute was fixed at eleven guns.