Sentence Examples

  • Complimentary makeup is appealing no matter what a woman's age might be, but those little sample packets and vials are especially exciting for young women who are delving headfirst into the ever-growing beauty world.
  • Before you dive headfirst into the refurbished Canon digital camera market, there are some factors you should consider to ensure you don't end up sacrificing quality for price.
  • This is a soul who not only jumps headfirst into love's waters, but totally disregards the danger or wisdom of doing so for the sheer excitement of the jump!
  • He raced toward the stairs to investigate, and upon reaching the top landing, he felt a hand grasp his leg, causing him to tumble headfirst down the stairs.
  • Use the first lap to see who's racing the best, then on the second lap, ram them into a wall or make them go headfirst into a pylon or something similar.