Sentence Examples

  • Again, this varies by program and varies by course, but most full-time students can expect to spend anywhere from eight to twelve hours weekly on their coursework in the classroom and an additional five to ten hours outside the classroom.
  • After a year of no luck, musician friends of the 2 would agree to help compose a song, Creedence, to lay the ground work of a demo that would be distributed in the area to audition prospects for full-time members.
  • Due to full-time jobs, family obligations, inflexible schedules or other constraints, on-site degrees aren't viable options for such students, so it's natural to look into online opportunities that allow more personalized study programs.
  • Aside from their intricate dance routines and high energy performances, these cheerleaders are all either enrolled in college (as full-time students), or are full or part-time employees that participate in numerous charitable events.
  • We have our baby editor assigned full-time to bring you up-to-date information on everything related to babies and to make sure that articles are topical and accurate so you know that you can trust the information at LoveToKnowBaby.