Sentence Examples

  • Was heard wherever the fray waxed most fiercely, and the Jethart axe of their invention - a steel axe on a 4-ft.
  • On the eve of the fray Papineau sought safety in flight, followed by the leading spirits of the movement.
  • De Coronado to make his famous expedition next year to Zuni, of which Fray Marcos was the guide; and the realities proved a great disappointment.
  • Following the route of Fray Marcos de Niza, Coronado reached the first of the alleged cities, and to his great disappointment found only an Indian pueblo.
  • Besides his work as editor, he was always writing himself some book or pamphlet called for by the event of the day, some general fray in which he was compelled to mingle, or some personal assault which it was necessary to repel.