Sentence Examples

  • Des fonds Libri et Barrois (1888), the preface of which gives the history of the whole transaction.
  • Thoulet, Instruments et operations d'oceanographie pratique (Paris, 1908); Precis d'analyse des fonds sous-marins actuels et anciens (Paris, 1907); T.
  • In obedience to Cardinal de Noailles, archbishop of Paris, he left the Cistercian abbey of Sept-Fonds, to which he had retired, and settled in Paris, where he was placed at the head of the famous seminary of Saint Magloire.
  • LA CHAUX DE FONDS, a large industrial town in the Swiss canton of Neuchatel.
  • - For the Gawain Grail visits see the Potvin edition of the Perceval, which, however, only gives the Bleheris version; the second visit is found in the best and most complete MSS., such as 12,576 and 12,577 (Fonds francais) of the Paris library.