Sentence Examples

  • English Channel being: length from nose to notch between the flukes of the tail, 622 in.; from the nose to the front edge of the dorsal fin, 29 in.; height of dorsal fin, 42 in.; length of base of dorsal fin, 8 in.; length of pectoral fin, 94 in.; breadth of pectoral fin, 32 in.; breadth of tail flukes, 13 in.
  • Thus it is used of the purchase used in raising the flukes of an anchor to the bill-board; of a piece of wood or metal used to strengthen a sprung mast or yard; and of a plate of metal used, as in railway construction, for the strengthening of the meeting-place of two rails.
  • Both sides of the flippers and flukes are black.
  • Orders: Molles (Tape-Worms and Flukes), Rigiduli (Nematoids), Hispiduli (Nais, &c.), Epizoariae (Lernaeans, &c.).
  • TREMATODES, or flukes (as they are called from their fish-like shape), one of the three classes that compose the phylum Platyelmia.