Sentence Examples

  • With current technological advancements and more employers looking for ways to cut costs while keeping employees happy, they might be willing to flex your time or change your status to that of a part time telecommuting worker.
  • Those on the school's fast track education can only receive a concentration through one of these certification courses, while flex track students can elect to further their education at any time through this avenue.
  • Add in the fact that Donna Sharp allows one to flex their creative muscles from the comfort of their own home, while utilizing her exclusive fabrics and it's no wonder then that this line has become so popular.
  • Construction begins with Speedo's anti-fog lenses, which are set into a rigid frame that is actually molded around them, virtually eliminating any chance that the lenses will flex and distort a swimmer's vision.
  • Fusion Grip outsole for excellent board control, the optional protective lacing system, elastic tongue straps, a full-length EVA midsole for flex and board feel, a medial air vent and Circa's tread pattern.