Sentence Examples

  • Joining a club often gives a solitary cross stitcher the chance to learn about working on various types of fabrics, using different types of threads and seeing firsthand different cross stitch techniques.
  • Even though this model of Shark floor cleaner - like the other items in the Shark family of products - is small and lightweight, I was able to see firsthand that it does pack a powerful cleaning punch.
  • The recycled cards program is operated by Kids Corp., a program established by St. Jude's to allow residents who have an interested in entrepreneurship to learn what it's like to run a business enterprise firsthand.
  • The children who come to live at one of the organization's facilities are nurtured and provided with opportunities to learn important life skills that will help them rise above the abuse they have already experienced firsthand.
  • He studied at Emmerich and Cologne, where the teaching of Peter Lombard led him, through Augustine and Chrysostom, to firsthand study of the Bible.