Sentence Examples

  • For example, you may find excellent deals on used RV furniture, secondhand appliances designed for travel trailers and motor homes and other items that can be quite costly if purchased new from these types of online resources.
  • A secondhand swimsuit isn't appealing unless it's a vintage piece and therefore special, but if you want to get cheap board shorts for women that are actually good shorts, you should definitely look for something secondhand.
  • Although Timex watches have a good reputation for reliability and many watches give great service for many years, if a watch is being sold secondhand then it might be that some of the functionality has ceased working.
  • Generally speaking, if you want fewer than ten control clips at a wholesale price or something near, you're going to have to look for something secondhand or, again, try your luck with eBay and similar sale sites.
  • RV enthusiast forums, and other classified ad sites and eBay and other auction sites may be the best place to look for bargains on supplies and accessories that you may want to purchase secondhand.