Sentence Examples

  • The weaving of damask was introduced in 1718 by James Blake, who had learned the secret of the process in the workshops at Drumsheugh near Edinburgh, to which he gained admittance by feigning idiocy; and since that date the linen trade has advanced by leaps and bounds, much of the success being due to the beautiful designs produced by the manufacturers.
  • Befriended by the pope, this man undertook to conquer Rimini for the Holy See, but came there to further his own ends instead (20th October 1469), and, while feigning a desire to share the government with Isotta and her son, resolved, sooner or later, to seize it for himself.
  • He considered switching a digit and feigning a mistake but he knew these guys would figure he was hiding something and be all the more aggressive when they questioned Cynthia.
  • Tears filled her eyes and she climbed out of the recliner, stretching and feigning a yawn.
  • From the 12th to 22nd of July he was fighting continually, but finally, on the 31st of July, his army was annihilated by overwhelming numbers near Segesvár (Schassburg), Bem only escaping by feigning death.