Sentence Examples

  • The lacing actually begins in the second to last eyelet, then utilizes an intricate pattern of vertical bar, then a diagonal, then swooping down and under the previous lace and forming another diagonal to create the web.
  • "Beer Maiden" has a velveteen mini-dress with an attached lace-up floral trim vest designed to look like a corset top, an eyelet blouse with ruffled neck and sleeves, plether belt suspenders and a matching choker.
  • The sleekness of the rounded bag top and inclusion of a dipping lower pocket with pyramid stud detailing, however, can also work beautifully with dressier looks, such as an embroidered eyelet or sheer silk dress.
  • Whether paired with an eyelet hat for a special occasion, or simply to wear a dress for the day, Laura Ashley makes several different styles of sundresses that range from beachwear to flower girl attire.
  • From simple cotton eyelet to matching dresses and sun hats, there are plenty of opportunities to dress your daughter up or down as much as the occasion requires, all with a simple sundress.