Sentence Examples

  • Although white eyeliner can be used in a retro-like fashion when applied as a thin line across the upper eyelid, applying eyeliner in an inverted v-shape on the inner corner of the eye will instantly make eyes appear large and wide awake.
  • Red inside eyelid, shown in bloodhounds and St Bernards.
  • There is also pain in the eyelid, redness of the eye, and flow of tears.
  • In them areas are found whence stimuli excite movements of this or that finger alone, of the upper lip without the lower, of the tip only of the tongue, or of one upper eyelid by itself.
  • When the second division of the nerve is affected the pain is chiefly in the cheek and upper jaw, the painful points being immediately below the lower eyelid, over the cheek bone, and about the upper lip. When the third division of the nerve suffers the pain affects the lower jaw, and the chief painful points are in front of the ear and about the chin.