Sentence Examples

  • Consequently the ankle-joint of birds is absolutely cruro-tarsal and tarso-metatarsal, i.e.
  • I, Fore-leg and pro-sternum (S) ta, Tarsal segments.
  • There is a tarsal, but no metatarsal gland and tuft.
  • Rather smaller than a squirrel, with dusky brown fur, the tarsier has immense eyes, large ears, a long thin tail, tufted at the end, a greatly elongated tarsal portion of the foot, and disk-like adhesive surfaces on the fingers, which doubtless assist the animal in maintaining its position on the boughs.
  • The arrangement dependent on the number of tarsal segments - the order being divided into tribes Pentamera, Tetramera, Heteromera and Trimera - was suggested by E.