Sentence Examples

  • The frames are available in three different colors, gold, brown and gunmetal grey, but the real drama of these eyeglasses can be found along the sides of the frames and the arms of the frames as both are decorated with tiny crystals.
  • If you need to wear glasses when you drive or play sports and you're not a fan of the idea of having two pairs of prescription glasses-your everyday eyeglasses and a pair of sunglasses in the car-you'll probably love Takumi eyewear.
  • However, the magnetic field generated during an MRI examination is so strong that metal objects or objects with metal in them, such as jewelry, eyeglasses, oxygen canisters, and even wheelchairs, will be pulled toward the machine.
  • An Italian monk from Pisa who also coined the term for eyeglasses, "occhiali," Giordano da Rivalto, called them the art of making spectacles "one of the most useful arts on earth" and claimed to have met the man who invented them.
  • If you're not too wild about the idea of paying for a whole new set of sunglasses with your prescription built in (they can be fairly pricy!), you may want to slip on a pair of sunglasses that fit over your everyday prescription eyeglasses.