Sentence Examples

  • By focusing on looking for frames made of these materials and avoiding rare or precious metals and decorations like precious stones, you should be able to find very high quality eyeglass frames at a price that won't empty your pocketbook.
  • In fact, all of the customers implore future shoppers to not even bother wasting their money on this product, while other reviewers go so far as to say that the SAS cleaning solution actually made their eyeglass scratches worse.
  • If you get the pouch type that fits inside of your regular eyeglass case (eyeglass and clip on sets typically come with this type of set-up), you can keep your clip ons conveniently with your eyeglasses when not in use.
  • Instead, if you stick to buying directly from eyeglass manufacturers, you can have the choice of custom-made frames, company's own, and trusted brands that are sure to blend well with the eyeglass lenses themselves.
  • When you do get done wearing your flip up portion for the day, you can store it easily in the glove box, in the center console, or (in the case of custom-made clips) right in a pouch included in your eyeglass case.