Sentence Examples

  • In general, opticians seem to be recommending no-line bifocals to those who are just now branching out into bifocal territory, whether they need them in the form of clear lenses or sunglasses.
  • When you're driving on your own, you don't have a navigator in the next seat over; bifocal sunglasses come in handy because you can read a map and drive without having to switch out your eyewear.
  • There's no line that immediately jumps from distance vision to near vision, and if you aren't used to traditional bifocal styles, you may find it easier to adapt to the no line bifocal reading glasses than you would to the ones with lines.
  • The only problem with bifocal lenses was that objects neither far or near were still difficult to focus on, and bifocal eyeglasses also had an unsightly line halfway down the lens that was easy for people to see.
  • The computer glasses found at this site also have the bifocal setup with the reading prescription in the bottom of the lenses and the intermediate prescription derived from the stronger one located at the top.